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James Jaworski
General Contractor
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The economy is back, and the housing market has picked up, and this might be a good time to consider that home remodeling project. 

With Summer just around the corner now is a great time to start planning "To Do" projects.  Whether it's a new kitchen, bath or new windows or doors.  Your home is always a good investment whether to enhance your quality of life or upgrading for a future sale.
Seniors who need to modify their home for safety​ and livability, I can advise and implement changes in your home that will enhance your lifestyle for a safe environment.
When you decide to go forward, make sure that
1) you plan what your project will be, and decide on a budget, and a good idea of what the final project should look like (magazine pictures are good for this), before you consult with a contractor
2)  it's always best to get a couple of quotes before you choose the right contractor for your project;
3) make sure you have confidence  and feel comfortable in your choice of contractors,and that he/she is licensed and insured by law; and,
4) remember, a good contractor will work within your budget, and give you advice as to how to spend your money wisely.

I would like to be part of this process, so give me a call and tell me what your home updating plans might be. 
Early planning gets the project to start on YOUR time line.

Just a reminder, that I'm a sole proprietor with 40 years of experience and occasionally get some help on larger projects (for expediency).  I only work one project at a time to completion.  I carry liability insurance and all my subcontractors are also licensed and insured. Of course references will be supplied upon your request.
A word of caution, some prices quoted by others, don't cover all that YOU want done, and others charge you on the other end with "extras".  Experience counts.  Jobs done efficiently saves you money.  And, you will like the results.

Hope to hear from you,